'Fat Pants Friday' mega-sandwich at Wayzata restaurant totals 3,000 calories

Every Friday, 6Smith unveils a massive, Instagram-ready dish that you have to see to believe. 

We couldn't be more excited about the Star Tribune featuring our awesomely 'outta control' Fat Pants Friday specials in this video. Check it out! And, then come and see us and pit your appetite against our 'Fat Pants Friday' special!

Read the article from Star Tribune and watch how we go about creating our mega sandwiches...

"Could you eat this? Be honest.

Two half-pound burgers, chicken tenders, smoked ham, bacon, American cheese, bacon jam, chipotle aioli, Thousand Island dressing, fondue sauce, pepperoni, roasted jalapeño and bourbon-soaked cherries on a toasted milk bun. Oh, yeah, and an asparagus spear.

Piled high into one monster sandwich, this heap of juiciness totals a whopping 3,000 calories. And it’s just one of 6Smith’s weekly creations for the Wayzata restaurant’s popular Fat Pants Friday. This one is called “The Resurrection.”

Capitalizing on people’s love of photographing their food, restaurants everywhere are dreaming up ever more bombastic dishes that come hot out of the oven and go straight onto social media. The gooier the better. With Fat Pants Friday, 6Smith is taking the food porn trend to the next level..."

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By   Sharyn Jackson ,  Mark Vancleave Star Tribune

By Sharyn Jackson, Mark Vancleave Star Tribune